Monday, May 22, 2017

Small Update - Old XNA Project Source Links

I've had many requests of late for my archived XNA projects, so I added the to the Tutorial & Project Source Code page (on the left).

Much of the original XNA tutorial source is unavailable as it resided on my dead laptop and old web server. I added a couple copies from the inventory videos and animation testing.

You're welcome to do as you wish with the projects, but please understand that I'm not in a position to support or assist with these old projects. Sorry! Best I can do is direct you to the old tutorials in hopes that you'll better understand what you're working with.

That said, please consider switching to Monogame. XNA has been discontinued, while Monogame [Built from XNA] has continued development and a thriving community. Because it was developed from XNA you'll still get the amazing frame rates and the syntax, to date, has been virtually identical, making the project conversion surprisingly easy. :-)

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