Monday, February 19, 2018

Where am I?!

Soooo... Things were really cooking along great on the programming front for a few years.

What happened?! Well, life happened. :-P

After a fun and relatively successful (however one might define that) run in VB.NET tutorials focusing originally on game design, and later on, primarily on database connectivity and general VB.NET topics with VBTOOLBOX, I decided that it was high time to follow my dream of moving to the tropics.

Sounds pretty paradisey, right??? Hah! It's is nice, but my lifestyle has been completely upended. Hardly a sob story, but my path has been extremely challenging. I went from being gainfully employed, to literally figuring out how to make my $0.56 bank account stretch for three months.

Currently, I'm living off the grid with two batteries, four solar panels, and extremely poor internet. Couple that with the fact that my coding machines are broken or damaged and my electrical limitations, code work is extremely challenging. Add to that the fact that there is no incentive from YouTube for video production anymore, as I've been informed that my content is too "small potatoes" and will be demonetized.

I have finally found employment to help get me afloat again, but I won't see stability of any kind for at least a year, unless I can figure out a secondary means of income, or some long lost uncle wills me a gazillion dollars. Har har.

Until I get a life, I won't be producing much in the way of VB.NET programming content, as I'm currently running on a Raspberry Pi 3 to save on power. I am picking up a little Python, however.

From time to time, I intend to blog and vlog about my new life, and will attempt to supplement my income with the Amazon Associates program. I've already made $0.90 in four months, so I'm well on my way. ;-)

You can follow us on YouTube on our Big Island Lava Pioneers channel, or on WordPress []


  1. Hey its good to see you are still active but id ask you for one last thing. Can you provide the source for the gdi+ project even though it might be unfinished aswell?

  2. sir, i have watch your tutorial on connecting and executing queries in sql and access, i just want to ask how to use your dbcontrol method to use the executescalar to retrieve specific value.

  3. Hello, I have a question. You tutorials are very interesting but a bit too advanced for me right now- and I have a question you may be able to help me with. I am wanting to introduce a GUI like the one you made in your game tutorial from before, but I don't have the same movement system as you do. In my program, movement is done through text commands and it adjusts your X and Y axis by 1. Is there a way to relate this information to a GUI like you had? I was wanting to make a small map on a grid and have it update each time a direction is chosen.

  4. hi, i would like to thank you for your great vb tutorial.
    can you please show me how to drag data from combobox and drop it into datagridview cell ?


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