Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Temporary" Site Move For Aardaerimus.com & Personal Update

Sooo, last summer I moved to a new location and my personal web server for Aardaerimus.com, formerly located in my basement on an ancient 800mHz Dell running Windows 2000, had to be taken offline.  :-(

Unfortunately, the complexity of the new hardware and pitiful connection coupled with the much increased ISP costs in my new location has dissuaded me from hooking the old beast back up. It held up really well for many, many years!

I had no idea that the site and its small trove of ancient tutorial files hosted on that box was in such high demand until I took it down. I'm constantly hit with questions about why my site is down and requests for those old project files, so I figured that it was high time to, at the very least, reestablish my web presence. Additionally, I'm hoping that this will provide a medium or community for interaction and commentary between myself and my viewers.

Why not set up a fresh web server? Well, I plan to be relocating, yet again, this summer. Where I'm headed, I have no idea what I will be doing or whether I'll even be able to continue doing tutorials. For my most recent tutorials on the VB Toolbox I've been relying heavily upon Dropbox for project source code sharing. I figure that I can continue to use that throughout my transition without fear of interruption in file distribution. Yay!

If I begin seeing traffic here, I will try to get links up to some of the more requested projects. Please, let me know what you think! :-)

- Aardaerimus / VB Toolbox