Saturday, February 29, 2020

Where to go?

Sitting here with VB.NET 2019 open in front of me - empty project - wondering, "Is it possible to get back into the game after so much time away?"

It feels like floating in space - directionless in a vast void.

I can't really do tutorials, simply because I have no reliable internet to upload large video files.

I really miss game design sometimes. I could install Monogame again, since I have a WinX machine, now.



  1. sir I commented on your youtube channel because it really helped me alot, here's the problem I encounter "Sir Can I ask a question I'm making a game right now I applied it on Form load so everytime the form load the music plays but it does not happen that way every time i load a new form and close the game form and go back to game form all music does not play please help me really appreciate it"

    1. Hello! Sorry my internet connection is really poor and I lost my last teply so I will be brief.

      Try moving everything from Form.Load to Form.Shown event, so the form has sufficient time to fully initialize. ☺

  2. Is there any way to contact you?

  3. YES! A BIG YES!!
    In this day and age, there are so MANY videos from wannabes that try to teach us dummies about SQL, and yet your videos are like invaluable gems that stood out from the rest.

    Congrat!! and Thank You.

  4. Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad my videos have been helpful! :-D

    1. Can I hire you to help me at an hourly rate for some projects at my work? I am a beginner and despartely need help with Visual Studio ( with SQL and the only tutorials I have found that helped me were yours.

    2. Dear Aardaerimus

      First of all I would like to thank you for sharing on Youtube such valuable knowledge and congratulate you on your great programming knowledge and talent for this.

      Yes I have the same question for you as above regarding hiring you to help me with my projects.

      The project is about MySQL so you know it very well and I think the problems I have will be easy for you.
      Is it possible to receive some kind of contact to you, e.g. email?

      Best Regards

  5. Yes! you should continue with everything you have started, you my friend are a natural born talented person and teacher. Your knowledge and explanation for gaming tutorials and your VBToolbox how-to videos have touched many and have also taught many including me. If you require help to obtain a good connection using your phone or any other type of connection as i'm not sure what they offer in "H", mentioned it here and i will contact you via "FB". Happy to help... + you have to finish that last video on VBToolbox - VB, ACCESS tutorial. LOL

  6. I just wanted to say Thank You for everything you taught me through your tutorials. I just recently got back into Monogame myself, and even finished my first tiny game. I look forward to anything new you may have to offer.


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