Monday, August 6, 2012

Kalamus' Project ~ XNA 4 - Procedural Tile Map Generation, A* Pathfinding, & Selectable MiniMap

This in an awesome "Work In Process" that belongs to Kalamus.

So far he's added the following:
   - Procedural Tile Map Generation (On Key Press)
   - A* Path Finding
   - A Minimap interface that can navigate the world map
   - A debug menu
   - Dead Sexy, Animated Menus
   - Water animation cycle
   - Kalamus' Adaptation of Mango Screen Management
   - A clean, smooth class flow that I REALLY need to adopt...

I'm ever grateful and indebted for being given the opportunity to learn from this guy! :-D

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  1. Link Project Please :(, i've been watched all of your XNA tutorial and i already made my own game even if its just for school project but i like it. cuz of your tutorial i can learned how to animate the menu fade in and fade out :( so please reupload the tutorial project cuz your videos doesnt contains all of it :(


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