Monday, July 11, 2011

Your thoughts on mundane items and activities in game?

Many games feature mundane activities, items, or objectives.

A few, for example, might be:
  • Feeding your characters
  • Day/night cycles
  • Resting for character/party recovery
  • Crafting

Numerous games have foregone such things, and have still been wildly successful - games like the Final Fantasy series, for instance. Many others, however, feature systems for time cycles, resource gathering, crafting, and other tasks that could be considered irrelevant to play or the general game objective - yet have found tremendous interest in game communities.

My question to you is:

Do you feel that adding mundane articles to games brings added realism and depth to a game, or do you feel that it's pointless or could possibly even detract from the enjoyment of a game, or simply should not be included unless it somehow adds to the story or is specifically required to complete a game?


  1. Dear Aardaerimus,

    Nóóó don't ad feeding your character. That will give the game a tamagotchi effect, forcing you to play 24/7. Day and night cycles are kind of useless and annoying, I don't know if you have ever played pokemon, but there are day and knight cycles there. These can make you not see npc's and other things, the brighter the game the better. Resting is good and makes it realistic. It also isn't dangerous. Skills in a game are good. I hate only combat games.



  2. OOoo!! The "tamagotchi effect"! I shall have to remember that if I ever want to make a "for profit" game. ;-D

    You're right, though. I've found that some day/night cycles can definitely cause "gamma madness". I'm sure there are ways to better implement them so that there is better contrast, or perhaps somewhat less dramatic darkening for the night cycles.

    I personally would love to jump on the "Skills vs levels" concept of Ultima Online. I always thought that it was a unique approach to the RPG genre, and really allowed a great deal of flexibility and character customization. You could even completely redo you "class" essentially, via skill atrophy. You also got a special title based upon the skills that you most increased. Good stuff.


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